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Video editing service

Send us ([email protected]) raw videos you recorded, photos you took during your holiday, wedding, birthday party, Christmas family gathering. Footage can be related to a professional conference or maybe an annual company event. You can use your favourite cloud provider, we just need a link to access the materials. Our experienced video editor creates the video without any automation to make each video unique and as personalized as we can. The final edited short film is going to be 2 to 5 minutes long to make sure people can find time to watch it. Once it is ready you can easily share with your family and friends or with your colleagues and business partners.

How it works

1. Upload

Upload your videos and pictures to your favourite cloud provider

2. Send us

Send us ([email protected]) your footage, title of your video and some additional description or instructions for our video editor if you like

3. We edit your videos

Our video editor creates the preview

4. Watch the preview

When the video is ready we will send you a link for the preview.

5. Pay

If you like the preview, please pay us and then we'll send you the final video.

6. Share

Enjoy your video with family and friends or your business partners

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