Madeira travel video

Madeira travel video

Madeira travel video

Madeira is very mountainous, incredibly green volcanic island in the Atlantic Ocean. This beautiful archipelago belongs to Portugal. It’s climate is sublime tropical, but it isn’t a beach destination. The island has some great landscapes, gardens, flowers, and there is a lot to see from challenging mountain hiking to whale watching.

Must see:

  • Funchal  which is the capital of Madeira, just hop on the cable car.
  • Monte Palace and botanical garden.
  • Pico Ruivo and Pico do Arieiro the highest peaks.
  • Cabo Girão Skywalk.
  • The São Vicente caves.
  • Lavada walking paths including the 25 fontes.
  • Porto Moniz  lava pools.
  • Ponta de São Lourenço where you can find some of the finest cliff scenery
  • Santana is known for the traditional homes 
  • Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport, columns runway extension.

Enjoy the Madeira travel video!

Pico Ruivo is the highest point of Madeira at 1,862 m while the close by Pico do Arieiro is the the third highest peak and it is connected by tarmac road to Funchal. The capital of Madeira is Funchal, which is located on the main island’s south coast. One of the best ways to see the views of Funchal is to hop on the cable car that takes you up to the Monte Palace.

The Cabo Girão Skywalk is the highest cliff skywalk in Europe, located on top of the Cabo Girão cliff in Madeira Island. There are over 1,350 miles (2,170 km) of levadas (irrigation channels) and they provide a network of walking paths.

The São Vicente caves formed from a volcanic eruption 890 thousand years ago. The remote town of Porto Moniz on the very north western edge is famed for its lava pools that are filled by the high tide and are located in a dramatic setting.

Visiting Ponta de São Lourenço where you can find some of the finest cliff scenery on Madeira, this walk explores the long thin peninsula at the eastern end of the island.

Santana is known for the traditional homes constructed with sloping triangular rooftops and protected with straw. These were mainly rural homes used by local farmers during the settlement of the island, with white-painted walls, red doors and windows with blue trim.

Folklore music in Madeira is widespread and mainly uses local musical instruments such as the machete, rajao, brinquinho and cavaquinho, which are used in traditional folkloric dances like the Bailinho da Madeira. Madeira

Airport also known as Cristiano Ronaldo Madeira International Airport, or Funchal Airport. The airport was once infamous for its short runway which, surrounded by high mountains and the ocean, made it a tricky landing for even the most experienced of pilots. The award winning runway extension was built on a platform, partly over the ocean, supported by 180 columns.

Whenever you leave you will know that wasn’t your last time in Madeira.

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Have you just lost your action camera?

Have you just lost your action camera?

Action cameras are designed for adventurous sport activities. They are usually waterproof, shockproof and dust resistant. Most action camera work perfectly under water, while surfing, kayaking or mountain biking. You can mount them onto a sport car or even go bungee jumping with it. If you are a pilot you can film yourself while you are flying. Thanks for the smart engineers you do not really have to worry, these are prepared for these situations. Sadly, it is very easy to lose them even when attached to a drone. Of course, not just the action cameras can disappear, but they are small and that is why they get lost more frequently than other cameras. It can happen to anybody. It is a painful experience, especially if you loose your footage too.

How can we loose an action camera?
  • Not fixing properly
  • Technical problem (the drone falls down)
  • Simply forget it somewhere
  • As a result of an accident
  • And of course, these can get stolen

Here are some tips how you might find your lost action camera.

How to find your lost action camera and how can you avoid that to happen?

Here is what you can do to avoid loosing it or at least make the loss less painful, plus increase your odds to retrieve it.

Before you loose it:

  • Create a file on the SD card with your contact details.
  • Write your name and contact details somewhere inside the camera if you can.
  • Use floating accessories, if you are planning to use it in water. Floating selfie sticks are the best.
  • Change the SD card often. Even if it is not yet completely full, save the footage to somewhere else periodically.
  • If your device is capable doing it, save your footage straight into the cloud, so at least you won’t loose the footage.
  • Make sure you have an insurance which covers your gadgets as well.

Here are some tips how you might find your lost action camera:

  • Know where you are. If you have a GPS device you can keep track of where have you been which makes it easier to find your camera.
  • Let people in the area know that you lost your camera, so they can help find it. If you lost your camera in the ocean maybe divers can help.
  • Share your story on social media sites to increase the chance if somebody finds it knows that you lost your action camera. There are lots of lost and found groups.

I hope you will never ever loose your action camera, so we can edit your extreme sport videos.

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How to make cooking videos?

How to make cooking videos ?

The first and most important thing is to have a nice recipe. Something interesting, new and unique, your cooking videos become more popular. Write down the ingredients, and the quantities what you used. If your recipe contains special ingredients, give advice where to buy them, your audience will be grateful for this.

Cooking inside?

or outside?

Before you start filming, it is recommended to think about what kind of preparations do you need make. If you want to make a good looking food look perfect on video, you have to find the best angle.

So the answer for the question “How to make cooking videos?” is to take pictures and videos at every single stage of the process.

Later on we can stitch the pieces together, add a title and music on it.

Key points

  1. Find a nice recipe
  2. Write down all ingredients and quantities
  3. Take picures & videos at each step
  4. Serve the food in style

DIY – 6 tips how to record better video

DIY – 6 tips how to record better video

Nowadays you don’t necessarily need professional equipment to record video. For most everyday purposes your smartphone’s camera will do it. Based on our own experience we would like to share 6 tips you can watch out for to record better footage.

  1. Use a tripod to avoid shaking
    Most of the new devices have some sort of stabilization built-in, but the best if you just use an inexpensive tripod. Plus you can bend its legs and attach it to a tree branch or railings to shoot steadily even when you are alone.Use a tripod - blog - video editing service -
  2. Move the camera slowly
    When we say slow we mean very-very slow. Speeding up footage later during editing or playback is never an issue, but slowing it down is only possible if you recorded with high frame rate (by high we mean at least 120fps) otherwise quality is going to be compromised.
  3. Set high quality
    Experiment with quality settings of your device and aim for the highest if you can afford it in terms of storage. The highest resolution your camera is capable of is not always the default setting, not to mention frame rates. So it is better to spend some time learning how to adjust these settings before shooting.
    Good quality - blog - video editing service -
  4. Plan it out in advance
    If you plan the story you want to tell in advance, then you will start recording footage accordingly. You’ll become more aware of your surroundings. Like that overflown bin or that guy who is eating really disgustingly in the background. You can turn the camera slightly to leave them out of your video of long lasting memories.
  5. Light it up
    Your eye and your camera works differently. What you perceive not so dark is usually very dark for your camera. If you can just turn up one light bulb near the people / objects in front of your camera you can drastically improve quality.
    Light it up - blog - video editing service -
  6. Shoot from multiple angles
    If possible use more than one device to record the same thing from multiple angles. You can do it with a single camera as well, however just might need to repeat it multiple times to get it right.

+1. Prevent Vertical Video Syndrome

We aim to deliver you the best possible experience using professional techniques to edit your amateur videos. We can easily trim parts you don’t need, improve colours or audio. We can add various (sub)titles and background music and so on. You name it, we do it. This way we can improve videos a lot, but if the raw material is better quality to start with so will the end result.


Bermuda travel videos

Bermuda travel videos

Bermuda is a British Overseas Territory. Bermuda consist of 181 tiny islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. It is a popular destination for the wealthiest in the world, business men and women, actors, actresses and cruise ships. It has an interesting mixture of America and the UK where the Bermudian dollar is the official currency. Flight duration is just two hours from New York and seven hours from London. Bermuda is an excellent location for a relaxing holiday, but not really a backpacker paradise. We made a short Bermuda island tour video about the most beautiful parts of the island including some private clubs which are not accessible for regular tourists unless you know a member.

The capital city is Hamilton where only 1,010 people live, but 13 times more (40% of the whole island) work on a daily basis. Most cruise ships arrive to Royal Naval Dockyard which has an excellent ferry service, so you can easily discover the whole island with ferry. If you are thinking about renting a car, then I have bad news for you. There isn’t a single car rental company on the island as it is prohibited by the government. Don’t worry the small pink buses will be your friends or you can get taxi at the airport, in Hamilton or at your hotel. If you are brave enough you can rent scooters or pedal bikes, but be aware that roads are very narrow and winding. No matter if you are riding your scooter or walking (by the way pavement is very rare outside of the city boundaries and some places even within it) you need to be very careful and watch out for cars at all times.

L.F. Wade International Airport is very close to and St. George’s which was the old capital city before Hamilton. The Town of St. George presents a unique opportunity for people to learn about and to sense Bermuda’s culture, traditions and heritage. If you are lucky (or plan ahead and be at noon on the right day of the week) you can catch a very interesting free historical re-enactment at St. George’s harbour.

The highest point on the main island is Gibbs Hill where the tallest lighthouse is located which is 36 m high. It is absolutely recommended to go there and look around to see the whole island from above. However frankly the majority of tourists are not interested in the land as they came to Bermuda to discover the amazing underwater life. For the professional divers there are some very unique shipwrecks around the island, but it is also a snorkeling paradise. Before you start to explore the underwater life please watch our snorkeling video which shows you names of most frequent Bermuda fishes and corals. There are only two creatures you need to watch out and stay away from, the Portuguese Man of War (which has a purple-blue colored bladder that floats above the water surface) and the lion fish as both are dangerous!

Pink sandy beaches, sunshine and friendly people that is why we love Bermuda. Even if you don’t visit the historical places, interesting museums, play golf  or do any kind of water sports, but just relax on the beach where you will feel Bermuda is another world.

Best known beaches are the following:

  • Horseshoe Bay Beach (with lots of tourist especially in high season)
  • Elbow Beach
  • Achilles’ Bay Beach (a very small one with lots of coral reefs close to the shore, ideal place for snorkelling)
  • St. Catherine Beach
  • Tobacco Bay Beach

Several beautiful beach are closed for the public. Rich people, hotels and some exclusive clubs have private beaches with golf courses and tennis courts and some other facilities. Coral Beach and Tennis Club in our next video is one of them.

We hope you will visit Bermuda soon and send us your breath taking videos and pictures which we would be happy to edit for you.

Let it be travel, holiday, excursion or any other kind of trip video we are here to help.

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Our video editing service explained

Our video editing service explained

Hurrah! This is our very first blog post and we are super excited 🙂

We decided to start a blog, because we would like to share background stories, examples and tips with you. Many potential customers asked us how do we edit videos. What is the difference if we edit a video for them or if they do it on their own? Basically they would like to understand why should pay for our service? Is it worth it? Let us take you through a real example and we hope in the end you will say YES I want you to edit all my videos.

Tom and Elena from Chicago had a short break in New York City. They went up to the Top of the rock observation deck to have a good look of the Empire State Building and the Big Apple. After that they went to the Central Park and while they were walking around Elena shot some pictures and they sent us these three.

When they got to the Bow bridge Tom decided to submerge their new waterproof action camera (which was a Christmas gift) into the lake. This was the first time when they tried it out. This is what Tom recorded

Later at the hotel room the couple was watching this forty seconds many times. They were laughing at how nervous Elena was during the shot as she was afraid of Tom dropping it or if the lid is leaking and the water damages the camera. Luckily none of these happened. When they got home they showed the short film to their friends, who were not laughing at it at all, they just said it is dark and shaking and after 5 second they got bored.

Then they have found us and decided use our services.

We started with reviewing what they have captured and we was thinking about how it could be improved to tell a story. We came up with an idea to start with the picture they took at the Rockefeller Centre and then show the other two pictures. Then we stabilized the shaking video, removed the least interesting bits and added a special effect at the end.

Here is a side by side comparison of the raw video and what they got at the end.

This is the final version what we delivered to them.

If you like it then please share it, maybe we can help one of your friends as well.