Have you just lost your action camera?

Have you just lost your action camera?

Action cameras are designed for adventurous sport activities. They are usually waterproof, shockproof and dust resistant. Most action camera work perfectly under water, while surfing, kayaking or mountain biking. You can mount them onto a sport car or even go bungee jumping with it. If you are a pilot you can film yourself while you are flying. Thanks for the smart engineers you do not really have to worry, these are prepared for these situations. Sadly, it is very easy to lose them even when attached to a drone. Of course, not just the action cameras can disappear, but they are small and that is why they get lost more frequently than other cameras. It can happen to anybody. It is a painful experience, especially if you loose your footage too.

How can we loose an action camera?
  • Not fixing properly
  • Technical problem (the drone falls down)
  • Simply forget it somewhere
  • As a result of an accident
  • And of course, these can get stolen

Here are some tips how you might find your lost action camera.

How to find your lost action camera and how can you avoid that to happen?

Here is what you can do to avoid loosing it or at least make the loss less painful, plus increase your odds to retrieve it.

Before you loose it:

  • Create a file on the SD card with your contact details.
  • Write your name and contact details somewhere inside the camera if you can.
  • Use floating accessories, if you are planning to use it in water. Floating selfie sticks are the best.
  • Change the SD card often. Even if it is not yet completely full, save the footage to somewhere else periodically.
  • If your device is capable doing it, save your footage straight into the cloud, so at least you won’t loose the footage.
  • Make sure you have an insurance which covers your gadgets as well.

Here are some tips how you might find your lost action camera:

  • Know where you are. If you have a GPS device you can keep track of where have you been which makes it easier to find your camera.
  • Let people in the area know that you lost your camera, so they can help find it. If you lost your camera in the ocean maybe divers can help.
  • Share your story on social media sites to increase the chance if somebody finds it knows that you lost your action camera. There are lots of lost and found groups.

I hope you will never ever loose your action camera, so we can edit your extreme sport videos.

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