How to make cooking videos?

How to make cooking videos ?

The first and most important thing is to have a nice recipe. Something interesting, new and unique, your cooking videos become more popular. Write down the ingredients, and the quantities what you used. If your recipe contains special ingredients, give advice where to buy them, your audience will be grateful for this.

Cooking inside?

or outside?

Before you start filming, it is recommended to think about what kind of preparations do you need make. If you want to make a good looking food look perfect on video, you have to find the best angle.

So the answer for the question “How to make cooking videos?” is to take pictures and videos at every single stage of the process.

Later on we can stitch the pieces together, add a title and music on it.

Key points

  1. Find a nice recipe
  2. Write down all ingredients and quantities
  3. Take picures & videos at each step
  4. Serve the food in style