Our video editing service explained

Our video editing service explained

Hurrah! This is our very first blog post and we are super excited ūüôā

We decided to start a blog, because we would like to share background stories, examples and tips with you. Many potential customers asked us how do we edit videos. What is the difference if we edit a video for them or if they do it on their own? Basically they would like to understand why should pay for our service? Is it worth it? Let us take you through a real example and we hope in the end you will say YES I want you to edit all my videos.

Tom and Elena from Chicago had a short break in New York City. They went up to the Top of the rock observation deck to have a good look of the Empire State Building and the Big Apple. After that they went to the Central Park and while they were walking around Elena shot some pictures and they sent us these three.

When they got to the Bow bridge Tom decided to submerge their new waterproof action camera (which was a Christmas gift) into the lake. This was the first time when they tried it out. This is what Tom recorded

Later at the hotel room the couple was watching this forty seconds many times. They were laughing at how nervous Elena was during the shot as she was afraid of Tom dropping it or if the lid is leaking and the water damages the camera. Luckily none of these happened. When they got home they showed the short film to their friends, who were not laughing at it at all, they just said it is dark and shaking and after 5 second they got bored.

Then they have found us and decided use our services.

We started with reviewing what they have captured and we was thinking about how it could be improved to tell a story. We came up with an idea to start with the picture they took at the Rockefeller Centre and then show the other two pictures. Then we stabilized the shaking video, removed the least interesting bits and added a special effect at the end.

Here is a side by side comparison of the raw video and what they got at the end.

This is the final version what we delivered to them.

If you like it then please share it, maybe we can help one of your friends as well.